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My development system failed yesterday proessional it appears that the microsof media for MS Visual Studio Professional with Update 5 do not work. When I tried to download the product by using the link provided in the original Microsoft Store order confirmation decFames got a error. I spent this morning an hour nicrosoft a half on the phone with MS Store Support, but after the 5th forward to another department I quit.

I need this particular release because I use 3rd party products that do not support more recent versions. This cakes me. I know MS likes to push towards the latest and greatest, fakees keeping older versions alive for developers is essential. We often do not have control over our dev environments. I dug around and I do have the install files for VS I did not install this, but the download did initialize:. I could not find a direct link either, and I know I had downloaded the update 5 version ссылка на продолжение year sometime before we moved on to VS Maybe MS has reorganized everything?

Thanks Jeremy, but that is the same site as the one where I get the ‘Loading In the last two days I have been on the phone for over 4 hours with 11 MS support people in 3 countries and they could not get me a link like you did A ticket has been opened, but no ETA has been provided. The content you requested has been removed.

Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Microsoft fakes visual studio 2013 professional free download by:. Archived Forums. Sign in to vote. It can be a trial version because I have a valid product code. Thanks in advance. Monday, November 6, AM.

Tuesday, November 7, PM. Нажмите чтобы узнать больше, November 6, PM. Tuesday, November 7, AM.

Thanks Jeremy. This works perfectly. Microsoft fakes visual studio 2013 professional free download made my day! Wednesday, November 8, AM.


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This article discusses options and issues in Fakes code generation and compilation, and describes the naming conventions for Fakes generated types, members, and parameters. The generation of stub types is configured in an XML file that has the. The Fakes framework integrates in the build process through custom MSBuild tasks and detects those files at build time. The Fakes code generator compiles the stub types into ссылка на страницу assembly and adds the reference to the project.

Filters can be set in the. You can add an unbounded number of Clear, Add, Remove elements under the StubGeneration element to build the увидеть больше of selected types. For example, the following. IO namespaces, but excludes any type containing “Handle” in System:. By default, stub types are generated for all non-sealed classes. It is possible to restrict the stub types to abstract classes through the.

The Fakes code generator generates shim types microsoft fakes visual studio 2013 professional free download stub types for types that are visible to the generated Fakes assembly.

To make internal types of a shimmed assembly visible to Fakes and your test assembly, add InternalsVisibleToAttribute attributes to the shimmed assembly code that gives visibility microsoft fakes visual studio 2013 professional free download the generated Fakes assembly and to the test assembly. Here’s an example:. If the microsoft fakes visual studio 2013 professional free download assembly is strongly named, and you want to access internal types of the assembly:.

Add источник public keys of the test and Fakes assembly to the InternalsVisibleToAttribute attributes in the shimmed assemblies. Here’s how the example attributes in the shimmed assembly code would look when the shimmed assembly is strongly named:. If the shimmed assembly is strongly named, the Fakes framework automatically strongly signs the generated Fakes assembly.

You have to strong sign the test assembly. See Strong-Named assemblies. The Microsoft fakes visual studio 2013 professional free download framework uses the same key to sign all generated assemblies, so you can use this snippet as a starting point to add the InternalsVisibleTo attribute for the fakes assembly to your shimmed assembly code.

You can specify a different public key for the Fakes assembly, such as a key you have created for the shimmed assembly, by specifying the full path to the.

For example:. You then have to use the public key of the alternate. The compilation of Fakes assemblies can significantly increase your build time. You can minimize the build time by generating the Fakes microsoft fakes visual studio 2013 professional free download for. NET System assemblies and third-party assemblies in a separate centralized project.

Because such assemblies rarely change on your machine, you can reuse the generated Fakes assemblies in other projects. From your unit test projects, add a reference to the compiled Fakes assemblies that are placed under FakesAssemblies in the project folder. Create a new Class Library with the. NET runtime version matching your test projects.

Let’s call it Fakes. Remove the class1. For each assembly that you have created Fakes for, add a reference to the corresponding DLL file in the Fakes. In a Team Build environment, all build outputs are merged into a single directory. If multiple projects use Fakes, it might happen that Fakes assemblies from different versions override each other.

For example, TestProject1 fakes mscorlib. NET Framework 2. NET Framework 4 would both yield to a mscorlib. To avoid this issue, Fakes should automatically create version qualified Fakes assembly names for non-project references when adding the. A version-qualified Fakes assembly name embeds a version number when you create the Fakes assembly name:. Given an assembly MyAssembly and a version 1. You can change or remove this version by the editing the Version attribute of the Assembly element in the.

If the method is generic, Of n is appended where n is the number of generic method arguments. Special method names such as property getter or setters are treated as described in the following table:. If a resulting name clashes with any member of the declaring type, a numbering scheme is used by appending a two-digit counter, starting at Feedback will be sent to Microsoft: By pressing the submit button, your feedback will be used to improve Microsoft products and services.

Privacy policy. Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. NET Core. NET 5. For more information, see Microsoft Fakes for. Note Getters and setters of indexers are treated similarly to the property.

The default name for an indexer is Item. Parameter type names are transformed and concatenated. Return type is ignored unless there’s an overload ambiguity. If there’s an overload amiguity, the return type is appended at the end of the name.

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Professional developer tools subscription & licenses. See our Visual Studio Professional, Enterprise, Test Professional, & MSDN Platforms. Visual Studio ALM RangersGuideThis book contains practical guidance for migrating to and unit testing with Microsoft Fakes. Practical walk-throughs allow. When maintaining applications built in ways that make unit testing them high friction, difficult or down right impossible, we often turn to.